The Recipe for Success?

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"It's hard work, training, a lot of practice," says Nabila Boctor of Wexford Montessori Magnet schools recipe for making the grade.

She credits two years of making AYP to a new montessori program, intensive teacher training, and curriculum that's focused where students need help, during the day and after school.

"More smart decisions, more decisions that can be supported by data," Boctor says.

Wexford, and every school in the Lansing School District, now has the support of a Director of Instruction, and district specialists in reading and math. Their job is to help the once-failing schools of the urban district make AYP. The dictrict as a whole made AYP this year, and all elementary and secondary schools did also.

The high schools in LSD did not make AYP.

State Superitendent Mike Flanagan says a tough, focused curriculum is the foundation of a good education, but that foundation must be built on at home as well.

"II know it's not a "Leave it to Beaver" world anymore, but show your son or daughter that you are interested in their education," says Flanagan.

The team that's behind turning schools around sees itself as part of a puzzle--teachers, parents, and administrators, and yes, learners as well.

68 Michigan schools will be taken off the federal "No Child Left Behind" list because after 4 or more years on it. 163 schools in total made AYP for the 2nd year in a row after being on the list.