The Science Surrounding Ricky's Disappearance & Death

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Tuesday's testimony, in the Lisa Holland murder trial, focused on the science surrounding the disappearance and death of Ricky. Lisa is on trial for abusing and murdering her adopted son Ricky. Her husband Tim has already pleaded guilty to lesser charges.

Ann E.C. Gordon, the Michigan State Police Forensic Scientist who tested and analyzed key evidence taken from the Holland's Williamston home, was the only witness called Tuesday.

Late in the afternoon she discussed the orange, child sized, blood stained t-shirt Tim claims he saw Lisa cutting up. It's the same shirt investigators found stuffed in a plastic bag and placed in a diaper bag when they searched the Holland's home in September of 2005.

Gordon will continue her testimony Wednesday.

Tim Holland is expected to take the stand against his wife Lisa. He's was supposed to be called to the stand this week, but it's unclear when he will testify.