Less Expensive Home Heating

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Electricity and fuel oil could be less expensive as well. But, Ivan Love, with Capital Area Community Services helps those in need pay their utility bills every year. He says one year of moderated prices don't make up for years of increases.

Jeff Holyfield with Consumers Energy says the absence of a significant hurricane has helped natural gas prices this year. But, they wont' know their exact prices until at least late this month. Holyfield says they are waiting to get the best price possible to buy their supply... which they will then sell to the consumers.

Love says, while people can't control the price of oil, gas or electricity.. .they can weatherize their homes properly. Which could save them as much as 23 percent off their bills.

Studies show almost 60 percent of Michigan households said their utility prices felt a major or significant impact on their spending habits because of last years prices.