Michigan Veteran Remembers WWII

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80-year-old Joseph Beyrle served as a paratrooper for the 101st Airborne in World War II. Sunday he recalled those experiences for listeners at the Michigan Historical Center. Beyrle parachuted into France numerous times, delivering gold to the French resistance. He was captured just after D-Day, but escaped, only to be recaptured. His remarkable story of courage and survival includes a brush with death at the hand of the German Gestapo.
Beyrle's parent's were notified of his death during the war, held funeral services and prepared never to see their son again. Beyrle says he's one of few men who knows who attended his funeral. His parents were overjoyed when he returned home alive. And he says the same priest who presided over his funeral married him and his wife two years later.
Beyrle's experiences are told in the book, "The Simple Sounds of Freedom." He says it's important to remember Veteran's Day and also think of those serving who are still in harm's way.