One Month Until Election Day

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The quest to govern the Capitol Building is in its final throes. But leading up to the elections, anything can happen.

"Elections always heat up in the last month," says Kathy Esselman, president of the Lansing chapter of League of Women Voters. She says the month before elections is designed to inform voters with a barage of last-minute events.

"You have a lot of forums, a lot of opportunities for people in the communities to meet the candidates. People often get a little more serious about studying those issues," she says.

Issues vary for everyone, but some issues seem consistent across the board.

"The employment rate, the war in Iraq, gas prices-- those are my top three [issues]," says Evie Fleischer of St. Johns.

Nearly $30 million has been spent in the gubernatorial race, and that number is bound to jump before Election Day. But will the extra ads convince voters to change their minds? At a Lansing shopping center Sunday, the consensus was mixed.

"My decision, I don't have it sealed yet. I could go either way, I suppose," Fleisher says.

Joyce Hough of Lansing's decision is set in stone.

"I always pay attention to everything, I read everything and watch debates, but nothing's going to change my mind."

Esselman urges people to take this last month to educate themselves. She says consulting a voters' guide is one of the best ways to do so, as well as talking to the city clerk.

"Know what you're voting for, not just who," Esselman advises. "And examine all amendments before you go to the polls."

That way, the elections will be decidedly thought through.