Grand Ledge Bus Controversy

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The Grand Ledge School District wants to eliminate a bus route that runs across the street from an elementary school, but parents in the neighborhood says it's cutting costs at the expense of safety.

"These people fly down this street every day," Christina Hancock says of the drivers on Canal Road, across the street from Delta Center Elementary School. "Yesterday, I saw a cop pull two people just in the 10 minutes I was over there."

Her kids, in kindergarten and first grade, aren't allowed anywhere near it, and the idea that they should cross that four-lane stretch to get to school is downright unacceptable.

"Safety is not something they should not be cutting," Hancock says.

Grand Ledge says they will not do anything until they can ensure their students can cross safely. However, in tough budget times, they have to consider all their options.

"School districts are all feeling a budget crisis, and we're trying to offer good service, but still ensure cost savings," says Director of Administrative Services Steve Krumm.

The district has asked Delta Township to put a sidewalk along the west side of the road and to install two crosswalks that would be staffed with crossing guards before and after school.

They say that's sharing the costs, but keeping kids saving.

Hancock, and others on her street, say it is not enough for their young children. Their consolation, for now, is that it won't happen until the district and the township can work through the process to put the necessary safety features in place.