Lansing Schools Still Negotiating with Laid-off Teachers

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With less than a week left until classes start in the Lansing; the school district is still working to fill vacant positions. And the Lansing teachers union wants those positions filled with teachers who were laid-off in May. Budget cuts caused the district to lay-off 154 members of the teachers union in May.

In the last three months, the district has called back more than 100 teachers, but is still trying to fit the other teachers into open positions. The union says its wants those positions filled with laid-off teachers where available. The district says it is trying, but needs to make sure the positions are filled with teachers who are qualified for those jobs.

Teachers are supposed to be in the classroom three days this week. Which means called-back teachers need to be notified by Tuesday. The district says the number of students roughly equals the districts budget, and that dictates how many teachers can be rehired. The district says it won't have an enrollment number until after Labor Day, and teachers could be rehired for the next several weeks.