Medical Breakthroughs: Four Period Pill

There is now a new birth control pill, just arriving in drugstores that will allow women to have her period only four times a year.

Some women are thrilled about the new drug called Seasonale, but others wonder if it's a healthy choice. So how does this pill work? Like other pills it contains two female hormones, estrogen and progesterone. Its 84 active birth control pills taken continuously once a day followed by seven days of a placebo.

Barr Laboratories which developed Seasonale admits that women who take it have more yearly hormone exposure compared to the conventional birth control pill. But researchers are confident that it's not dangerous.

Doctors already prescribe conventional birth control pills this way allowing some women to skip the seven placebo pills in their package.

Doctors say Seasonale is not the best choice for every woman and that one should consult their doctor.