Boot Season

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At the Macy's in Meridian mall, a myriad of boots fills the shoe department. And the selection is so vast that it's likely a woman will eventually find what she's looking for, whether it's a tall boot, short boots, high heels or flats.

Macy's Assistant Store Manager Jennifer Holman says, "Our selling team is trained to fit the shoe or boot. And you can walk around the shoe department to make sure the shoe fits before you leave the store."

And that's exactly what podiatrist Dr. Jarrod Shapiro likes to hear because ill-fitting shoes can cause or worsen bunions, hammertoes, and heel pain. But with boots that range from stilettos to pointy toes, is there one that's more foot friendly than the other?

"Fashion's very important, especially for women. It's better if you're going to have to buy something that's going to raise your height; you want a full length heel as opposed to just the back side being elevated."

Still women will choose what they want despite advice they may be given. So if you can't resist a beautiful boot, Dr. Shapiro says there are some things that you can do to keep you and your feet healthy.

"It's a good idea to scuff the bottom to prevent you from potentially falling."

Plus there are cushions, gels, heel grips, and more, all to make sure you can be comfortable while putting your most fashionable foot forward.