Cheney Visit Creates Stir in Bath Twp.

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It isn't every day helicopters swarm and Secret Service agents sprawl all over Bath Township.

Then again, it isn't every day that the vice president is in town.

Some bystanders were hoping to meet the second-in-command as he made his way into Clinton County.

"Just to be able to say I've met the vice president, or even get to say I saw him or shook his hand, I think is a good thing," said event volunteer Kelly Cool of Charlotte.

As cars piled in and supporters lined up at Hawk Hollow Golf Course, security was airtight. Television cameras weren't allowed to shoot any of the security check-in area, where the lunch attendees were searched and X-rayed. When Cheney's motorcade arrived, it was sandwiched between Michigan State Police and the Secret Service. They were greeted by a week’s worth of preparation.

"Starting Saturday, we [really began preparing] with the Secret Service, then we were working with the folks from the Walberg campaign, then the advanced team from the White House comes in. It's amazing, from top to bottom, all of the detail that goes into this," said Hawk Hollow General Manager Alex Coss.

Coss arrived before sunrise Thursday to make last-minute preparations for Cheney's visit. The lunch went off without a hitch, but the attendees will probably best remember Cheney's speech.

"He's a celebrity to me!" exclaimed long-time fan June Johncock. "I don't have any other Hollywood celebrities."

"It's thrilling to see the pomp and circumstance surrounding the arrival of the Vice President," added fellow attendee Keith Ledbetter.

Cheney exited as quickly as he arrived. But he left quite the impression on the crowd.

"Really, he doesn't look that much older than he did seven, eight years ago," Johncock said. "He's holding up good!"