Solar Power Means No Power Outage

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David Lankheet has been installing renewable energy systems for 25 years. His own home is equipped with a combination of solar and wind power. So when most of Mid-Michigan was without power, Lankheet says he and his family didn't even notice.

Lankheet taught several seminars for interested homeowners at the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association in Dimondale Saturday. He says blackouts like the one this week could be reduced if people took advantage of renewable energy sources, or people could be more comfortable when regular utilities fail.

Lankheet says a combination of solar and wind power work best in Michigan because, he says, when it's cloudy, it's windy, but when it's calm it's sunny. Lankheet says it would take a week and a half to install a full house system, which costs around $25,000. But he says a back-up system at home for power outage emergencies costs a fraction of that, around $3,000.