Business Give-Away

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A decade and a half and 2 storefronts ago, Larry Carr was a bright-eyed entrepreneur with a dream for 2312 East Michigan Avenue.

It was first called the Photomart, a place where Carr and a 10 person staff did photo processing for artists. That business floundered, and so Carr opened the Dancing Crane Art Gallery in addition.

Today, even that is too much space for his art processing business and so he's offering the deed to 2312 E. Michigan to the winner of an essay contest.

The building is 2500 square feet, and Carr plans to give it to the person who submits the best idea for a business to replace the art gallery. The application fee is $100. Carr wants 4,000 applications before he'll turn them over to business students for screening, and then judges to pick a winner.

He hopes to be done with the process July 4, 2007.

You can see the rules of the contest, and get an application at

"What I'm trying to do is make a difference for some lucky person," Carr says.