No Charges for Officers in Shooting

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Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings announced Friday that criminal charges will not be brought against any of the seven Lansing Police Officers involved in the shooting of a 20-year-old Detroit man a week ago, but that young man, Bernard Taylor, will be facing seven criminal charges in connection with the shooting.

Taylor was shot twice by police as they tried to arrest him on four felony charges in connection with a shooting August 6. Police made a traffic stop of the car Taylor was riding in. The driver and another passenger cooperated with police, and warned them Taylor had a gun.

Prosecutors say the gun was stolen, and witnesses tell them Taylor aimed the gun at police officers before any shots were fired. Taylor is expected to be arraigned on these new charges this weekend. He is being held in the Ingham County Jail on the previous felony charges from the August 6 shooting.

All seven officers are on administrative leave, as the LPD finishes its own internal investigation. Police Chief Mark Alley says he expects to find that all policies and procedures were followed, and said the officers could return to work as early as next week.