Another Inmate Testifies in the Lisa Holland Murder Trial

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Ingham County Jail inmate Crystal Mountain says Lisa Holland told her she killed her adopted son Ricky by hitting him in the head with a hammer. It happened near the little boy's bedroom, was an accident and she was sorry she killed him.

Lisa Holland is on trial for abusing and murdering Ricky. Mountain says the two met last February in jail. Monday, former inmate Krystal Pierce testified Lisa confessed to her. Pierce says Lisa told her Ricky was running through the house, knocked over some things in the living room and she threw a hammer at him twice.

D/Lt. Roy Holliday also testified Tuesday. He coordinated and directed the Ricky Holland investigation. Holliday says, 24 hours after Ricky was reported missing and during his first interview with Lisa, she only showed concern towards the end when she asked if she was considered a suspect.

Holliday was at the Holland's Williamston home one month later and was surprised by what he saw in Ricky's room. All of the little boy's things were gone and it appeared as though the room was being used to store stuff for home improvement. "It just didn't appear to be what I expected. I expected to see a shrine waiting for Ricky to come back," Holliday said.