DeVos and Granholm React After Debate

Decision 2006
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Reaction after the debate was swift.

"The people of Michigan got to see who I am and the kind of leader I can be to get Michigan back and, as I said in my finish, to make Michigan proud once again," Republican gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos said Monday night.

He assessed his performance in that way and responded to questions about whether he had lost debate because the governor was a better public speaker.

"Being a governor involves much more. Being a governor is about getting the job done and the people of Michigan," DeVos said.

For her part, Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) says she's mostly pleased with how the debate went.

"I think it was a great start, a start to be able to explain what my economic plan is," Granholm said Monday night.

Something she says her opponent's comments in the debate didn't include.

"To get the full economic plan out there," Granholm said, explaning that she believes she has a strong plan to rebuild Michigan's economy.

Those reactions from the candidates came after a debate that was moslty polite. The candidates stayed at their podiums. They addressed the questioners or the camera, with a few exceptions.

The politeness indoors was in stark contrast to what took place outside the debates. A mostly young group of supporters from each camp taunted each other and shouted slogans outside the WKAR-TV studios in East Lansing.

Among those making noise, Green Party Gubernatorial candidate Doug Campbell.

Campbell, like the U.S. Taxpayers and Libertarian canddiates -- wasn't allowed to debate because he's not drawing high enough poll numbers.

For now, the major party candidates are already looking to next debates, on October 10th in Grand Rapids and October 16th in Detroit.

Both were asked if they saw the economy as the main focus of those. debates Both say while it might not be the primary focus, it will be a major component.