Former Inmate Says Lisa Confessed to Killing Ricky

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A former Ingham County Jail inmate says Lisa Holland told her she killed Ricky by hitting him in the head with a hammer. Krystal Pierce, a former inmate with a long criminal history, says Lisa befriended her last April while they were both in the maximum security section of the jail.

They passed notes and Pierce kept notes detailing all of their conversations which she forwarded on to investigators. An emotional Pierce, on the stand Monday, said to listen to Lisa explain how she killed Ricky child sickened her. Pierce says Lisa told her Ricky had been running through the house, knocked over some things and made her upset. She picked up a hammer and threw it at him, then hit him a second time in the living room. Pierce says Lisa said it was an accident and she didn't mean to kill the little boy.

Lisa Holland is on trial for abusing and murdering her adopted son Ricky. Her husband Tim has already pleaded guilty.

A neighbor who claims the little boy snuck into her home to get food and a school nurse who says she filed numerous reports with Child Protective Services also testified Monday. One of the lead investigators in the case, D/Lt. Roy Holliday with the Ingham County Sheriff's Office, also took the stand Monday. He's expected to continue testifying Tuesday.