Debate Preview

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Political experts say DeVos has lower expectations for tonight... but, they also say that's just the way his campaign wants it. That way, he has less to lose. Granholm, the far more experienced debator, could be looked on as the loser if DeVos just holds his own.

Experts say DeVos needs to distance himself from issues he's very conservative on... like school vouchers, stem cell research and intelligent design.... which moderate swing voters would not like.

They also say DeVos needs to tout himself as a better job-maker than Granholm.

The governor, experts say, needs to point out she walked into a bad economy four years ago, forced to make millions of dollars in cuts. She needs to place blame on the Bush administration and other outside factors for which she has no control. And, she needs to point out she has gone everywhere, anytime to try and bring jobs to Michigan.

The first debate may well prove to be the most important. It's the first impression for voters... and could determine the direction the rest of the campaign takes on.