Former Ward in Holland Home Could Testify

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Police have interviewed two people in Dade County Florida, one who used to live with the Holland's, and they could testify in the Lisa Holland murder trial.

On day nine of testimony in her trial, Prosecuting Attorney Mike Ferency announced he will file a motion to try and get their videotaped interviews put into evidence. Lisa Holland is the Williamston woman accused of abusing and murdering her adopted son Ricky. Her husband Tim has already pleaded guilty in his death.

Ricky's principal, neighbor, a Michigan State Police investigator and one of the Ingham County Sheriff Office's lead investigators in the little boy's case testified Friday.

Late Friday afternoon, Judge Paul Manderfield reversed a previous decision to not allow news stories, done with the Holland's shortly after Ricky was reported missing, to be used in court. All audio and video clips pertaining to Lisa can now be used.