Tim Holland's Credibility & Ricky's Behavioral Issues

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Tim Holland's credibility and his adopted son's behavioral problems, that's what day eight of testimony in Lisa Holland's murder trial focused on. She's accused of abusing and murdering Ricky, the Holland's adopted son. Tim has already pleaded guilty.

Ricky's Psychiatrist, Dr. Abedi from Foote Hospital, says he prescribed the little boy five different classes of medication over a period of about three years. Overall, several different types of medications were prescribed for his behavioral problems which included ADHD, ODD and Bi-Polar Disorder.

D/Sgt. Frank Mraz, with MSP Major Case Team, took the stand to give the remainder of his testimony. Lisa's co-counsel Andrew Abood questioned Tim's credibility during an interview. Mraz said some of Tim's statements were not truthful.

Lisa's hairdresser was last on the stand Thursday. She says Lisa came in three days after Ricky was reported missing and she acted normal. According to the hairdresser Lisa said, "I have other little kids at home to take care of I need to go on with my life."

One of the Holland's Williamston neighbors is expected to be called to the stand Friday as is D/Lt. Roy Holliday with the Ingham County Sheriff's Office.