Jackson Schools Budget Cut

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After making more than $2 million in cuts last spring, Jackson Public School officials are looking to make another $2.2 million in mid-year cuts. Officials say the cuts come after declining student enrollment and a likely $200 cut per pupil at the state level.

Superintendent Dan Evans says to absorb the cut; the district will likely have to lay-off more than 30 staff members and reduce supplies. He says his mission is to keep the impact on students to a minimum, but at this point that is difficult. More than 20 of the lay-offs are expected to be paraprofessionals, who are in classrooms.

The $200 cut in funding at the state level has not been finalized. State officials will likely have information for districts in December. Until then, Evans says the district must prepare. Lay-off notices could go out as early as Tuesday.

Evans says he would like to discuss a possible change to employee health care as a solution. He says the district could save $2.3 million by changing providers. But that's a negotiation issue with the teacher's union.