Remodeling Complaints: Homeowner Says She's Out Hundreds

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(Links to help you file a complaint or look up a company's records are below.)

Fixing up the bathroom is on the wish list for many homeowners. Nicole Jones is no different. She wanted to have her bathtub refinished.

"To make it look new," she says.

So she opened the yellow pages last March and found a company that seemed to fit: American Bathtub Reglazing.

"That was their speciality so I figured they would do a good job," Jones said.

And after an hour of work, she says, it seemed they did do a good job.

"The tub looked perfect."

Except the next day, she says, the finish on the tub started chipping. So she grabbed her receipt and called the contractor back.

"They said they'd be bick to fix it but they needed to recaulk the tub. They ended up never showing up," Jones said.

So while the bathtub was out of commission for Nicole and her family, she called the company 20 times, making 10 appointments for someone to come and fix it.

No one came.

And in her mind, she was out hundreds of dollars.

"About $225. Actually, I even gave him a $5 tip which I regret, now," Jones said.

Turns out, she's not the only one having problems with American Bathtub.

"Our records show the company has an unsatisfactory report. They have unanswered complaints. There are nearly a dozen of them," said Fred Hoffecker, CEO of the Eastern Michigan Better Business Bureau.

Add that to five complaints filed with the Michigan Attorney General's office. Both agencies, like Nicole, say they've had trouble getting a hold of anyone to try and resolve the complaints.

Our own phone call to American Bathtub hasn't been returned.

The Better Business Bureau recommends looking up companies records before you deal with them to avoid problems like this. And they say: Get a contract in writing.

"You want a start date in it, an end date in it and you want it to have a consequence if the end date isn't met," Hoffecker said.

Advice that's too late to help Nicole -- but it could help others.


To file a complaint:

Better Business Bureau of Eastern Michigan

Michigan Attorney General's Office

To look up a company's records:

BBB Complaints

State Licenses