Temporary Layoff

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It's the brand that held steady when others did not--the one many felt was a buoy for General Motors in a difficult year, but take a look at the numbers, and you'll see Cadillac suffered nationwide, especially in Spring and Summer.

Cadillacs Delivered to Dealerships

2006 2005 Percent Change

July 19,124 25,431 -21.8
Jan.-Aug. 149,780 166,293 -9.9

The chart above shows the low point--July--when sales were down nearly 22 percent compared to last year. From January through August, the brand lags 9.9 percent. STS, in particular, has suffered.

Now, Lansing Grand River will implement a modified, reduced staff schedule September 19 and 20th. The following week, the entire plant will be on layoff.

"We like our people to build cars, but we have to track it. We have to watch it," says UAW Local 652's Recording Secretary-elect Fred Charles, who calls shutdowns responsible given market demand.

The plant had one week off in July, and another in August. This third, he thinks, will help get supply in line for the slow season in car sales.

For the future, they're looking forward to adding a fourth to the trifecta of STS, CTS, and SRX. Cadillac's promised another vehicle that will be built at Lansing Grand River.

This week of shutdown is an opportunity for the plant to get ready. They will also catch up on maintenance and training during the week of down time.