Details About the Day Tim Holland Led Investigators to Ricky's Body

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Tim Holland started to cry, fell to his knees and asked out loud, "Oh God, what have I done, what have I done?" That according to D/Sgt. Frank Mraz, with the Michigan State Police's Major Case Team, who drove Tim to rural Ingham County to recover his adopted son's remains.

Tim has already pleaded guilty in connection with Ricky's death. That testimony came on day seven of his wife Lisa's murder trial. She's accused of abusing and murdering the little boy.

Court was cut short Wednesday just as Mraz was to testify about hammers taken from the Holland's Williamston home. Tim claims Lisa killed Ricky with a hammer.

The Holland's family Physician also testified Wednesday. Dr. Jon Lake saw Ricky for about two years when the little boy was three and four years old. Lake says Ricky was developing, but he was active and often acted out.

A Psychiatrist,whom Dr. Lake referred Ricky to, will testify Thursday.