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MSU is one of the first public institutions administering the FluMist to student-athletes and athletic department staff members. Although it's not a requirement, health experts have been utilizing a flu vaccine for the last 20 years.

The Flu-MIst is a non-invasive, nasal spray form of the vaccine. Most patients who are fearful of needles have been opting for the Flu-Mist.

But Dr. Jeff Kovan, Director of Sports Medicine doesn't recommend it for everyone:

"There are a number of questions a student-athlete has to answer before they can have the Flu-Mist. If they answer yes to being immuno-compromised, living with a roommate that is immuno-compromised, a possible pregnancy, or an organ transplant recipient, they would be recommended to a flu shot."

The Flu-Mist is also available to students on campus through the Olin Student Health Center. It is not covered by insurance, and costs about $50. The flu shot typically costs $20 and is usually covered by insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.