Missing MSU Students Safe

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Michigan State University police spent about six to eight hours a few days ago, helping search email records for anything related to Justin Gouveia and Donela Alfaro-Lopez . They’re the two MSU students that went missing July 26.

Authorities found the students in Orlando, Florida after nearly two weeks of searching. The couple never told their parents they were stopping in Florida, and that's what sparked a nationwide search for the missing kids.

The search which spanned from Massachusetts to Fresno, California, occupied dozens of police and investigative units including at least four from Michigan.

The Detroit Violent Crimes Task Force, a group made up of FBI, ATF and Michigan State Police officials, spent about eight days contributing resources to the search. They joined forces with the Wayne County Police.

Most authorities have said they were happy to help in the search despite the unusual outcome. They say they're just glad the couple is safe.