Riddle Magnet School

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Lansing's Riddle Magnet School was one of the first schools in the state to give every child a laptop computer. The state is looking at giving every sixth grader a laptop, and more computers may put stress on the district's personnel.

Educators say the commitment to learning at all times proves Riddle made the right choice. Teachers say students are now handing in completed homework at a better rate than before.

Lansing school officials say one drawback is the under funding for technical support. The director of technology says there are only 20 staff members for the more than 5,000 computers in the district.

Under the governor's new plan, the district would receive an additional 1,000 computers. Since April 1 when the computers arrived, Riddle has spent about $5,000 on repairs and additional parts.

All but three of the 271 computers have been accounted for this summer. School officials say the missing three have nothing to do with student involvement.