Pitching LSD

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The brochure that sells the Lansing School District begins not with the challenges, but with the "points of pride." It's an application, if you will, for the schools top job, but its as much an ad for Lansing as a want ad for a district leader.

"If they like baseball, we've got Lugnuts. Big 10 football, a lot of cultural things to do," brags Hugh Clarke, chairperson of the committee to search for a new superitendent.

The school districts' hired a firm--the Michigan Leadership Institute--to help them highlight the quality of life, and yes, also whats to love about the job.

"One of the big points of pride in district is magnet schools," Clarke says. He also notes the IB program at Eastern High School and the diversity of the district.

Selling the district, of course, is only the beginning. The Michigan Leadership Institute is also charged with getting this brochure to as many people as possible.

Clarke says they take the ad to conferences abd network with superitendents all over the country. The brochure will be available online, and advertised in trade publications for school administrators.

By mid-November, the Institute will narrow the field of applicants to between 4 and 6. They hope to hire by January. Dr. E. Sharon Banks will stay on until the end of the year.