Granholm Is on the Right Track

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Even though she is, "not flawless and still too vague on some issues," the Detroit Free Press has endorsed democrat Jennifer Granholm for governor calling her a "fresh face...with more personal potential" than Jim Blanchard or David Bonior.

Traditionally newspaper editorials don't move voters from one candidate to another, but they help to add momentum to a campaign and may solidify support for that candidate where it is soft.

Granholm is also expected to pick up the endorsement of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick soon.

Kilpatrick told News 10 last Thursday his decision would be announced this past weekend. It was not.

The new mayor is described as "leaning toward Granholm."

The impact of his blessing is also being debated in that sometimes out of state Michigan voters look with suspicion at any candidate who holds favor in the state's largest city.