Lisa Holland Emotional in Court

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Lisa Holland chokes up as pictures of her adopted son's remains, wrapped in a bed sheet and plastic bags, are shown in court Monday.

Lisa Holland is the Williamston woman accused of abusing and murdering her adopted son Ricky.

D/Sgt. Michelle Glasgow, a forensic scientist with Michigan State Police, was on the stand explaining where the bag was found and what was in it when Judge Paula Manderfield called for a 10 minute recess. Lisa had her head in her hand, eyeglasses off and a balled up tissue in her fist. After the break, Glasgow picked up with the pictures again while a somber looking Lisa looked on.

Pictures inside of the Holland's Williamston home were also shown in court Monday. Forensic Scientist Christopher Bommarito, with Michigan State Police, explained the pictures he took of suspected blood stains in the family room, Ricky's room and hallway.

Bommarito also examined an orange t-shirt that investigators found in a backpack, being used as a diaper bag, during a massive two day search of the home last September. In an interview last week, with Tim Holland conducted by D/Lt. Roy Holliday of the Ingham County Sheriff's Office, Tim said he walked in on Lisa cutting that orange shirt up and that it was Ricky's shirt.

The Lisa Holland continues Wednesday.