Mayor's Race Dead Heat

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The mayor's race in Lansing is a virtual dead heat as both candidates have their sights on the finish line.

According to a News 10 Lansing State Journal Poll, State Senator Virg Bernero has edged ahead of Lansing Mayor Tony Benavides.

The latest poll shows Bernero with 42-percent of the vote and Benavides with 41-percent. A significant 17-percent remains undecided.

Political analysts say the election will be decided by the Female and African-American vote, the two largest segments of undecided voters.

The poll also showed that nearly half of the voters watched the debates. Sixty-five-percent of the voters who watched them say Bernero was victorious, with 13-percent leaning towards Benavides. Twenty-two-percent are undecided.

Bernero looks at the debates as a turning point. Benavides says he did quite well in the debates.