Day Five of Testimony in the Lisa Holland Murder Trial

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Ricky Holland's school bus behavior took up most of the morning on day five of testimony in Lisa Holland's murder trial. She's the Williamston woman accused of abusing and murdering her adopted son Ricky.

Bus Drive Marcia Polly says she and her bus attendant Debra Jones used to unhook Ricky's prescribed harness from his bus seat because they didn't think he needed it. They also used to give him chips or popcorn on the way home from school because he said he was hungry.

On more then one occasion, they had to get off the bus and look for the little boy. Polly says, a couple of times, they found him behind the school building eating stolen food. Polly also saw a bruise on Ricky's face once and reported it to her boss.

Ricky's second grade teacher, Vickie Bynum, says Ricky was a normal boy, much like the other kids in class and she never had any problems with him.

Jackson Public Schools' School Psychologist Suzanne Leach says her evaluations of Ricky showed a bright boy and when she relayed that to Lisa she felt it was something Lisa didn't want to hear.

Lisa Holland's murder trial will continue Monday with Ricky's Principal and the Holland's neighbor expected to take the stand.