Medical Breakthroughs: Cancer Sponge

Scientists at Harbor Branch in Fort Pierce have made an exciting discovery, a large quantity of sponge they say has some of the best cancer fighting potential of anything they've collected.

The sponge, Discodermalide is one of Harbor branches greatest success stories. It's now in human testing with a pharmaceutical company as a possible cancer-fighting drug.

Pancreatic Cancer, Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, Leukemia, even cancer cells resistant to other drugs, all succumbed to the new sponge. Scientists now studying the sponge are trying to find the secret behind it's potency and how they can make more.

The sponge still doesn't have an official name, that's because harbor Branch is still pursuing a patent on it. Scientists hope to fast track their research and get a pharmaceutical company interested turning the sponge into a drug.