New Nursing Program

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The pre-nursing students at Michigan State University have a few more years before they head out into the workforce. But as soon as they arrive, many others will be departing.

"We'll be leaving kind of in a mass and much more quicker exodus than had ever been seen before."

Dr. Teresa Wehrwein of MSU's College of Nursing is referring to the baby boomers.

"40,000 nurses will retire in the next ten years and put that in perspective. If every nursing program in Michigan doubled their enrollment, they could not make enough nurses to catch up to that expected requirement."

But a new program at the university called, Nursing for Life: The RN Career Transition Program, is aimed to change that.

"Rather than retiring, what we want them to do is stay in the workforce for another five to seven years."

And unlike learning in a classroom, the experienced RN's would train on the web for four to six months.

"We're preparing people to move into hospice, homecare, ambulatory care, and long term care settings."

And Dr. Wehrwein says she hopes it makes for a smoother transition for nurses who are so badly needed because of the nursing shortage.