Medical Breakthroughs: Flu Shots

Flu season is here again and the last three flu seasons have been pretty mild and the vaccine cannot protect you entirely. But scientists have found out why skipping a flu shot one year can increase you flu risk for the next year.

Every fall health clinics and doctors' offices offer flu vaccinations. Patients can choose a new nasal spray vaccine or an old fashioned flu shot. But the Center for Disease Control says flu vaccine doesn't protect against strains of the flu.

The immune system may use its memory from last year and try to combat this year's flu with last year's antibodies. The memory in the immune system is actually leading the immune system astray.

Flu irus mutates very rapidly, so the vaccine has to be changed every year, making an annual flu shot the best bet. This allows the immune system to build up its repertoire of antibodies that can control the flu for that particular individual.

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