Students Urged to Act Responsible

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Michigan State's football captains are sending Emails to students urging them to act responsibly in connection with Saturday's game with Notre Dame.

It's part of the university's campaign to keep the peace after the 8 p.m. showdown between the Spartans (3-0) and the No. 12 Irish (2-1).

Michigan State has changed its tailgating policies and made other changes in recent years to curb problems associated with drinking in connection with its highest-profile athletic events. Fans attending the Notre Dame game won't be able to get into campus lots until after 1 p.m.

University officials also are running advertisements in campus media and working with Notre Dame officials to urge fans to show restraint.

East Lansing police say they plan a typical football game day presence Saturday.

Two years ago, police reported about double the number of typical game day arrests when Notre Dame visited Spartan Stadium.