A Difficult Day for Prosecution in Lisa Holland Trial

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A key witness and piece of evidence for the prosecution is excluded on day four of testimony in the Lisa Holland murder trial. She's the Williamston woman accused of abusing and murdering her adopted son Ricky.

Ingham County Prosecuting Attorney Mike Ferency's witness Theresa Bronsberg, a foster care worker for the Michigan Department of Human Services, will not testify. The defense objected to her being called as a witness as someone else from DHS has already testified. Judge Paula Manderfield ruled in favor of the defense saying her testimony would be cumulative.

Ferency says she is the person who will connect the dots in this case. Bronsberg was Ricky's foster care worker; she verified Lisa Holland's statements about his behavior and was the person in charge of upping the amount of funding the Holland's received from the state. Ferency says he will still try to get her on the stand.

Judge Manderfield also ruled a harness can not be used as evidence. Ferency wanted to show the harness Ricky wore on his special ed bus, but the one in court wasn't the right size or the one Ricky had used. The harness will be admitted into evidence when the correct one appears in court. The prosecution is trying to show bruises Ricky had on his body, which Lisa said came from the harness, couldn't have come from the device.

Jackson Public Schools employees, including Ricky's bus driver who testified for a short time Thursday, are expected on the stand Friday.