Governor Granholm to Explore Still More Higher Education Cuts

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Gov. Jennifer Granholm is looking at another 6.5-percent cut in state support for higher education and move that could force MSU and other schools to hike tuition again.

Appearing on a radio call in program over WJR, the governor outlined some suggested areas for the chopping block while cautioning the audience she had not made a final decision. Included was elimination of the Medicaid program for the needy. Reducing aid to the cities by eight-percent. Eliminating the Merit Scholarship program and letting selected inmates out of prison 30 days early.

The governor hopes to have a budget plan in place by the end of the year. She will make ten more town hall stops around the state ending with an appearance on WILX TV on Thursday Nov. 13 in a program to be anchored by Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick.