Are Children Watching Too Much TV?

A new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows children six and under spend an average of two hours a day with TV, videos or computers. That's about the same amount of time they spend playing outside, and three times as much as they spend reading or being read to.

The study finds that two-thirds of youngsters are growing up in homes where the TV is left on half the time or more whether anyone's watching it or not. These kids are spending less time reading and they're less able to read.

The American Academy of pediatrics recommends children under two not watch any TV and older children no more than one to two hours a day. The study also found one-third of Americas' kids under six have a TV in their bedroom. This encourages kid to watch more TV and it allows them to watch things their parents would never let them watch.

Experts are quick to point out that when used properly TV and computers can help children learn. They say the key is balance.