Donating or Selling Your Computer?

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Credit card purchases, perhaps social security information, address and sensitive information can be found on your hard drive. While many people attempt to reformat or erase their hard drives. A News 10 investigation finds that with the right tools your data can be recovered.

Private investigators from East Lansing’s Computer Data Recovery (CDR) say that the only sure way to protect your information when giving away or selling your computer is to destroy your hard drive.

Investigators there say the numeric codes located on hard drives that represents your data, never gets totally erased when someone “reformats or tries to erase” data on a hard drive.

With special software thieves can decipher the partially erased information obtaining anything from your credit cars to personal letters.

Other experts at Michigan State University say there is software that can properly erase your data.

Here is a partial listing for Windows-based PC’s from

CyberScrub: A commercially available program found at:

DataGone: A commercially available program found at:

Eraser: A no cost utility found at: