Robinson Defends Credibility

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Friday, Aug. 1 Lansing mayoral candidate and state Sen. Virg Bernero asked current Mayor Tony Benavides to remove a campaign for its negative impact on Bernero’s family. The request caused a third candidate, Melissa Sue Robinson to defend her own credibly.

Benavides’ AD criticized Bernero’s choice to send his two daughters to schools outside of Lansing. A decision Bernero called a personal choice.

Bernero asked for the ad to be withdrawn because it negatively impacted his family.

The ad was not.

When Bernero was asked why he didn’t ask transgender mayoral candidate Melissa Sue Robinson to withdraw a similar ad run about two months earlier he said that he didn’t consider her a credible candidate.

Robinson responded that she’s just as credible and what she lacks in political background she makes up for in managerial and business skill.

Tuesday’s primary will determine the two final candidates for the mayoral seat.