Police Urge Residents to "Join the Team"

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Lansing Police will begin airing a new episode of "Join the Team," the department's cable access show on channel 12, Thursday, Aug. 7. The episode was taped Friday and deals with safety at home. The subject was prompted by recent events on Lansing's west side. Police say a man has been approaching homes, knocking on the door, and asking residents if they need any yard work. In two cases, the man has forced himself inside and attacked two women.

The show demonstrates what to do and what not to do when a stranger knocks on your door. Police say not to open the door, leave it locked and talk to the person through the door, if at all. Police say not to open the door, or let the person come in.

Police say they want the public to be safe while the follow up in tips they say they hope will lead to an arrest. Police are looking for a black male, six feet tall, and clean shaven.

He may be driving a black Chevy Astro minivan. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Lansing Police at 483-4600.