Mayoral Candidate Drops Out of Race

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Gerald Rowley says the race for mayor is now between five candidates, not six, he no longer wants to be considered for the position during the Aug. 5 primary, though his name will remain on the ballot.

Rowley says family issues and his history of four alcohol-related driving convictions helped him realize he didn't want to run for the position anymore. He says a mayoral candidate should have a clean record.

Candidates running for mayor must sign an affidavit saying they haven't been convicted of state or city felonies in the past 20 years. Lansing police cross-check that sworn statement to make sure it's valid.

A News 10 background check through the Michigan State Police reveals all the candidates have no felony convictions to their names.

A check with the Secretary of State indicates Rowley's driver 's license is suspended and expired at least through 2008. Two speeding tickets turned up for Virg Bernero. Everyone else had clean records.