Driver Education No Longer at Lansing Schools

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Despite four serious car accidents involving teen drivers this past month in mid-Michigan, three of them deadly, driving courses will no longer be offered in the Lansing School District.

Removing the program is a move many local school districts made years ago when the state no longer required public schools to provide the courses. As a result of budget cuts, Lansing schools are giving up the program. They hope it will save them more than $230,000 in expenses.

Kids who enroll in private classes now will be taking shorter courses, but they may get more driving experience on the road. Lansing school representatives say most of their instruction includes using a simulator, not driving in a real car.

Private classes range in price from about $260 to about $300. The state will reimburse public school students about $85 if they attend schools without driver's education courses and enroll in a private class.