Teenagers Dead After Vehicle Hits Trees

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It's a scene that hasn't quite set in yet for Kristin Dombrowski. She was one of the first to help the eight kids that crashed a van near her front yard on Hogback Road in Handy Township.

Three of the victims died including the 16-year-old driver David Keniston, Timmy Zumbach and Kari Cairns. Keniston was going into his junior year at Fowlerville High School. He was an honor student and played basketball and football for the junior varsity teams. His sister and brother, Zach and Margaret were also hurt in the crash.

Zumbach had attended Gladwin High School, and Cairns attended Highlander Middle School in Howell.

Police say they're still investigating what went wrong. They say it looks like the new driver, Keniston, misjudged a curve on the dirt road and drove the van straight into a bunch of trees.

Victims' relatives say the kids were just out having fun. They had been toilet-papering someone's house. Investigators say drugs and alcohol were NOT a factor in the accident.