Poll Says Lansing Bond Narrowly Passes

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According to a WILX News 10/ Lansing State Journal poll if the election was held Monday a multi-million dollar school bond would narrowly pass meaning a new middle school and improvements for several other Lansing Schools.

Based on a WILX News 10 Lansing state journal poll education in Lansing is the top issue facing capital city residents.

That said, all eyes might be on Lansing school's $74.9 million education bond.

The poll surveyed 300 registered Lansing voters, when asked if they supported proposal one or the construction of a new middle school replacing the ageing Pattengill building and the modernization to other buildings 47-percent of respondents said yes, with 7-percent leaning towards yes.

Twenty-eight-percent said no with four-percent leaning towards no. Fourteen-percent were undecided on the bond.

But, the poll shows proposal two may be dead in the water.

When asked if voters would support the construction of a new swimming pool and other athletic facilities only 28-percent said yes, with four-percent leaning towards yes.

Forty-eight-percent said no with five-percent leaning towards no. Fifteen-percent were undecided on the second bond proposal.

If only the first of two proposals passes a Lansing home owner with a property value of $100,000 would pay an extra $88.50 in property taxes.