Lansing Mayoral Debate

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The two candidates for Lansing Mayor squared off Monday in what was their only televised debate. The debate also aired live on WKAR radio. Candidates Virg Bernero and Tony Benavides discussed many issues important to Lansing's future, such as city schools, public safety, housing and economic development. The hour-long debate included questions from moderators Tim Skubick and Matt Ferguson, as well as from callers.

One of the most highly debated points was on the living wage. Benavides signed an executive order on the living wage, which is currently being contested by a lawsuit. Both candidates say they support the measure, but Benavides says Bernero softened his position to gain the endorsement of the Lansing Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is opposed to the measure.

Bernero says he is opposed to Benavides tactic of signing an executive order. Perfering instead to work with both business and labor to reach an agreement. Both presented ideas on how to support city schools and bring new business to Lansing.