Mayoral Candidates

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Campaigns for mayoral candidates are in full swing. There are some names on the list that you may be familiar with and some you may remember from years back.

Some of the lesser known candidates are Leon Black, Mary Ann Prince, and Gerald Rowley. Six candidates in total are vying for the seat of Lansing Mayor.

Leon Black is a retired state employee and real estate salesman. He says he's focused on attracting and keeping residents downtown and changing rentals into owner occupied housing.

Like Black, retired state employee Mary Ann Prince ran for mayor ten years ago. Prince says at that time she was the first female to run for mayor in Lansing's history. She wants honesty in city hall and the chance to give voters another choice.

Gerald Rowley describes himself as an average, everyday guy. The drywall finisher says his agenda includes strengthening schools, fixing up roads and abandoned houses.

Rounding out the rest of the field is State Senator Virg Bernero, Mayor Tony Benavides, and Melissa Sue Robinson.