Suspect on the Loose in Ingham County

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Louise Gregg knew something was wrong when she noticed a suspicious man walking briskly off her Williamston property as she was getting her mail.

Gregg says she called, "Sir!" to the man, but he quickly walked away with his hands tightly in his pockets. She immediately called police when she noticed her dead bolted door was ajar and her family's .45 caliber pistol and two magazines filled with bullets were missing from their case.

Gregg's call tipped off police who have been looking for a suspect wanted for his possible connection in at least a dozen robberies in the Williamston area.

Officials called out a K-9 dog and an MSP search helicopter to scour cornfields and wooded areas near the I-96 freeway. They were searching for a suspect named Daniel Henry, who is also wanted for parole violations.

Authorities describe the suspect as a white male who was last seen wearing jeans, a baseball cap and a jean jacket. They say he's average height and weighs approximately 150 lbs.

Police say they believe he's armed and may be working with several other people to steal jewelry, weapons and electronics from unsuspecting Ingham County residents.

Gregg says she's fortunate she wasn't in the house when the suspect was inside. She says she thinks he slept in the barn attached to her Williamston home on Thursday night, when police were also searching for Henry.