Vegas Flight Delays More Than 200 Passengers

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They just wanted to get to Vegas, but nearly 200 passengers traveling there from Lansing had to wait for hours. Some waited more than a day before they could take off, and some are still stuck in Michigan's capital.

It all started around Midnight Sunday. That's when airline officials had to replace a faulty engine on an Allegiant Airlines plane. The bad engine delayed two Sunday flights leaving Vegas for Lansing.

The airline says they supplied passengers stuck in Las Vegas with hotel accomodations and a food voucher until the flight finally took off Monday morning. Still, the airplane was not able to accomodate thirty-seven passengers. Those people flew home on other airlines.

Meanwhile, 173 passengers planning to leave Lansing for Vegas learned their flights had been postponed as a result of the engine troubles in Vegas.

The group of Lansing passengers finally welcomed the incoming Vegas flight on Monday at 10:30 am. However, weight and fuel restrictions ultimately prevented 52 passengers from taking the flight to Vegas which left the airport at 2:00 pm. Now, many of the left-behind passengers are staying in local hotels.

Representatives for Allegiant Airlines, which is in its second week of providing non-stop flight service to Las Vegas from Lansing, say they're working to provide considerations for people who've been inconvenienced.

They urge anyone with questions or complaints to write letters rather than call, due to high call volumes.

Address letters to:

Allegiant Airlines Consumer Affairs
3291 N. Buffalo Drive
Suite 7
Las Vegas, Nevada 89129

Or call (888) 594-6937