Amnesty Period Over

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Lansing Police say there are more than 7,000 arrest warrants in their system. They are trying several methods to get those warrants cleared up. Last week they offered people amnesty from bench warrant and contempt of court fines. This week, the amnesty is over. And they're hitting the streets to make arrests.

For four days last week, any one with an outstanding criminal or traffic warrant out for their arrest could have turned themselves in to the police. In return, the police waived certain fees. Forty people chose to turn themselves in. Police say that number is a little disappointing.

This week, police officials say officers will be on special patrol, some of them leaving their everyday beats, to serve some of the 7,000 outstanding warrants. Police are scouring back records to find current addresses.

And while they're making arrests this week, police are also encouraging those with warrants out to turn themselves in. They say it will save them the embarrassment of being arrested.